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Our Top 5 Boating Apps

We’ve pulled together our top 5 sailing apps that have been game-changers for us out on the water.


The easy way to clean fenders in just 3 steps

If you're putting off cleaning your fenders, no need! Follow our 3 simple steps & you'll have the job done in no time.


Christmas Gift Ideas for Sailors

If you’re looking for ideas for Christmas gifts for someone who loves sailing, we’ve put together a range of suggestions to help you out.


Destination Ideas for Cruising in the Solent

If you’re thinking about going cruising in the Solent in 2021, we’ve put together some ideas and destinations for your itinerary.


Test Your Knowledge - Navigation Lights 1

How well do you know your navigation lights? Our new series will help test and strengthen your knowledge!


Spare parts to make sure you always have onboard

As boat owners, we all have winter job lists to tick through, from antifouling to engine servicing and beyond. But it’s easy to overlook an important task - making sure you have all the important spar...


Where can I find a chandlery in my area?

If you’re a sailor, no doubt you’ve had at least one visit to a chandlery - but have you ever wondered where the term chandlery comes from?



Pirates, Parrots and Hooks

Read our article on Pirates, Parrots and Hooks. Boat Central is the go-to for everything boating. Select your service and enter your location to start your search.


Preparing your Boat for Winter

As a boat owner, it’s essential that you take the right steps to prepare your boat for winter.


The importance of protecting yourself from the sun

We all enjoy being outside and doing what we love, especially out on the water, but are you taking the right steps to make sure you and your skin always stay safe and protected..?


Book a break on a boat charter

Not everyone has the luxury of owning their own boat. If you dream of setting sail on a break around the UK, a private boat charter could be the ideal solution.


Where can I moor my boat in the UK?

If you want to know where to moor a boat near where you live, or you’re visiting waters new, it’s worth doing some research to ensure you get the right package to suit you.


What marinas are near me?

Whether you’re a seasoned sailor, or just learning the ropes, at some point you’ll want to know what marinas are in your surrounding area. Although you may be familiar with those on your doorstep, i...


A Boat Brokers Guide to Buying and Selling Boats

Owning a boat for many of us is a lifelong ambition, but when that dream becomes a reality, do we really know where to start...? Surveys, deposits, legalities, sea trials and insurance are just a few...

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