A handy guide to practical, stress-busting, pocket sized boat accessories..!

Content kindly created by Allboat Services (ABS) Ltd.


With the new boating season around the corner, we've quizzed our customers at length and trawled the internet to find out what the market offers in terms of pocket sized boat tech and marine gadgetry which boat owners feel they just can't live without. 


We all know size really does matter on a boat....


This is our round-up of favourite, mini "must haves" to take on board a yacht, sail or motorboat and we think these perfect picks will help ensure your time on the water is as relaxing and stress free as possible.


Dock like a King with Dockmate's remote-control pocket sized tech

Docking is often the most difficult and stressful manoeuvre for any sailor, making technology that eliminates the worry and stress associated with docking a must have. Dockmate is a pocket-sized wireless extension of a boat's engine controls which enables you to dock a boat single-handedly, with ease, from anywhere onboard. It controls, to the centimetre, safe berthing and enables you to enjoy a future free of docking dramas, expensive mistakes and more importantly shouting matches...!  Click here to find out more...


The Leatherman is a stress slayer

When space is tight, a heavy, bulky toolkit isn't exactly a viable option to take onboard, so a Leatherman is always up on the list of boating must-haves. At a moments notice you can whip out a weapon of choice for any task or minor repair. They've even developed a wearable toolkit in the form of a stainless-steel bracelet that fits around any size of wrist. Click here to find out more...


PLB - the pocket-sized lifesaver

If you're faced with a life and death emergency out at sea, activate a personal locator beacon suitable for marine use and it will help the services who need to find you, do exactly that. You could initiate a full-scale rescue with a fool proof, easy to use, GPS enabled and buoyant solution such as the ACR ResQlink or Aqualink PLB


A floating fob for two left hands

Feel the relief should the inevitable happen and protect your valuables from sinking to Davy Jones' Locker . You can guard against overboard loses by attaching a floating fob to keys, phones, cameras and GPS trackers - in fact any smaller item you don't want to sink. Whether you choose a promotional freebie, or one that lights up and inflates to the size of a melon when it hits the water, it's a pocket sized essential.


Safe hydration with "Water to Go" filter bottles

Having clean, fresh and safe drinking water onboard is essential. Point of use, filtration systems like Wave International's Hilfo, provide premium quality drinking water direct from your water tank but when combined with filter bottles from "Water to Go" the taste of your H2O is improved even futher.These filter bottles reduce reliance on single use plastics, free up valuable storage space and give you access to fresh water wherever you go. Any water (except saltwater) becomes drinking water and you can even fill up with confidence on land based adventures. Click here to find out more...


Avoiding sharks is all in the wrist

Okay this may not be the case for all of us, but if your the kind of person who has avoided taking a dip since the 1975 (release of Jaw's the movie), you can now reduce the risk during every snorkel or swim with shark repellent technology. The soft silocone "Sharkbanz" worn on the wrist, ankle (or all four limbs for the super anxious) is meant to deter sharks from putting you on their menu. Sharks use electro-receptors to hunt and the Sharkbanz emits an electro-magnetic signal to warn them off. Click here to find out more...


No sweat when it comes to sun screen

It would be great if we were more like Hippos and had the ability to stand in the sun all day without burning. "Hippo inspired Biomimicry Sunscreen" may not have arrived yet, but there are plenty of pocket-sized alternatives. For environmental reasons, we'd recommend eco-friendly sunscreen in stick or cream format so you can love your skin and avoid the burn on the water. This may sound like an obvious one, but how many of us have seen our boat neighbours return with red faces at the end of a day (and we don't just mean those who are emabrassed by their berthing). 


Keeping mobile through the swell

It's great to escape the "Rat Race" when you're on the water. Unfortunately, for many of us, life returns to normal at the end of a voyage and our phone's need to be turned on again. The only problem is, can you find yours...? "Where did it slide"... "Did it go between the cushions again"... "Don't tell me you left it on Deck"... Sound familiar..? We thought so. The Gecko non-slip pad keeps things in one place and is ideal for mobile phones, sunglasses, sat navs and other small items. Click here for more details



We'd love to hear from you with any top accessories you've discovered and would like other boat owners to know about....