It's not just for the Billionaires..!

Ever wondered how they create that "ohh la la" look and feel on the Super Yachts? 

Whatever boat you have, give it the Super Yacht treatment.

Super Yachts are statements in themselves but did you know it takes very little to make a real statement on your own boat? Keeping it simple, elegant and adding a few finishing touches can make all the difference and get you that Super Yacht "look and feel" without breaking the bank.

A few ideas on how to achieve "that look"...

First impressions. A wicker shoe basket and mat on the pontoon are basics for any Super Yacht. They cost very little and create a great first impression. If you really want to impress your guests why not put the name of your boat on the mat and add some personalised fender socks..!

Saloon. Keeping it simple with a few contrasting cushions on seating and a single statement piece such as modern artwork or a champagne cooler creates a luxurious feel. For boats with limited space this can still be achieved with a wooden games set, a telescope or even glossy magazines displayed on seating or a table.

Dining. A centre piece such as a bowl of fruit or single artificial flower in a holder is always a great touch. We all know how to lay a table, but by adding a table runner, matching napkins and good quality acrylic wine and water glasses, you'll bring a touch of Silver Service to your boat.

Cabins. Changing bedding is a pain whether you're on land or sea. You can make it easier by double sheeting your berths (it's easier to wash a couple of sheets rather than a whole bedding set). Adding contrasting cushions to overfilled pillows and a texured runner will give you that hotel look. For a great finishing touch leave a small bottle of water for your guests and turn down the sheets before bed.

Heads. When it comes to bathrooms on-board, most of us have to work with what we have. That doesn't mean it can't look good. Matching minature toiletries give a bathroom a luxurious edge and look great when displayed together in sets of either three or five. Refillable toiletry sets paired with a natural loofah or wooden soap dish can add a Spa like feel, but there's nothing you can do that beats a fluffy monographed towel...!

Toilet Rolls. What could be better than a bespoke piece of artwork, lovingly created for your guests to marvel over whilst they're seated. Our favourite "Posh Marine Loo Roll Origami" comes in the form of a boat and although it can take time to master, we think it's worth it..! You can see how to create this by visiting

Towels. You could spend hours making swans and turtles out of towels, but by now you've already spent that time making toilet paper boats. The quick win for towels on-board (whether they belong on deck or in the heads) is to simply fold them in half along the shortest edge, then roll them up into short sausage shapes. When they're stacked together in pyramids they look great and it takes seconds to do.

Aroma. Many boats have what can only be described as "a smell of their own". On the Super Yachts there's only one acceptable smell and that's "very nice". Subtle air fresheners with essential oils are best, especially the ones with adhesive backing as these can be placed out of sight to do their work discreetly. Natural pillow and fabric sprays deal with absorbent materials that may have endured a damp winter or humid summer; they can also release fragrance when touched enhancing every breath you take!

Finishing touches. Lighting can set the mood of an evening on-board. To create that Super Yacht feel, extra lighting can be introduced easily and cheaply with small, battery operated touch laps and LED's. Adding acrylic mirrors to panels and doors creates the illusion of space (they're a fraction of the weight of mirrored glass and benefit from being shatterproof). Cleaning never ends on a Super Yacht but as you're "the crew" on your boat, we'd suggest keeping chrome and glass polished, coiling rope-ends on deck and always stowing items not in use. You'll be looking good in seconds.

So you've completed the look, what's next..?


We could recommend completing the Super Yacht "look and feel" by opening a good bottle of wine, but we figure you know that part already......