Blackbeard, Eye Patches and Flying Spaghetti...!

 We've put together a few of the good, the bad and the downright ugly ones, along with some "flying spaghetti" for your entertainment...

But, did you know....?

As boaters, you should probably know that if you commit any crime at sea, you're considered to be a pirate..! The origins of Piracy date back to 1400-1200 BC, with the height of its time being the "Age of Piracy" between the 1650's and 1730's. Whilst many Pirates were known for being extremely brutal, their system seemed quite fair as the Captains were always elected by a democratic vote. (We could say a lot about democratic voting and Pirates in Power, but perhaps we shouldn't)... Back to the facts....


Batten down the hatches.....


Eye Patches. It's a common misconception that Eye Patches were worn to conceal an empty eye socket. The real reason for the Eye Patch, was that one eye would remain constantly adjusted to darkness, making it easier to fight below deck when boarding a ship. This was so effective that keeping one eye closed remains a technique used in the military today.!

Earrings. Due to superstitious beliefs, many Pirates were convinced that wearing an earring would improve or even cure bad eyesight.

Davy Jones' Locker. This term is used to describe the Mythical Final Resting Place of all Pirates (at the bottom of the ocean). On dry land, the World's only Pirate Cemetary is located on "Ile Sainte-Marie" which is an island off the East Coast of Madagascar. It's believed to be the resting place of infamous Pirates such as William Kidd and Thomas Tew.

Dressed to Kill. The notorious Pirate Benjamin Hornigold, brutally attacked a ship just to steal all of the crew members hats. His men had drunk too much the night before, and having thrown their own hats over-board, they felt they needed to get replacements..!

Buried Treasure. There's a Pirate museum in St. Augustine, Florida, that displays not only one, but two of the authentic Jolly Roger flags known to exist. It also holds the only known treasure chest that belonged to a Pirate.

Flying Spaghetti. September 19th, is known as "Talk like a Pirate Day". It's a parodic holiday created in 1995 by John Baur and Mark Summers. In 2006 the day was recognised as a holiday for members of the "Pastafarianism Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster", which is a social movement promoting a light hearted view of religion. You heard it here......

Wall Street Pirates. Somali Pirates at one point had an Investment Firm. Yes, that's right..! You could invest in Somali Pirates and receive a cut of their loot if their plunder was successful...!

Off with their Heads. Jeanne de Clisson, also known as the "Lioness of Brittany" became a Pirate after seeking revenge for her husbands beheading in the 1300's. Selling her lands to buy three ships, they were painted black with red sails and hunted French Vessels. When she caught the nobles, she personally beheaded them with an axe.!

Blackbeard. The Pirate "Blackbeard" was a giant of a man. Despite this, he wanted to make himself even more frightening to others, so he would set fire to slow burning fuses on his hat. It appears he was also incredibly strong as it took a total of 25 individual wounds to kill him.

Getaway Boats. Pirates used many ships, but they preferred ones which allowed them to catch ships and make speedy getaways. The "Ferrari's" of the day were single mast Sloops, or two masted Brigatines.


On a lighter note, a Pirate walks into a bar....


Barman: What's with the Wooden Leg..?
Pirate: It got shot off by a Cannon
Barman: What's with the Hook..?
Pirate: My hand got cut off in a sword fight
Barman: The Eye Patch..?
Pirate: Bird Poo....
Barman: What..?
Pirate: I looked up at the sky and a seagull got me in the eye
Barman: I didn't know you could lose an eye like that..
Pirate: It was my first day with the Hook....