Get it right and you’ll be one of the first out on the water next season. Get it wrong and you could find yourself with hefty bills and a delay on your relaunch if you have to wait for repairs.


You may be wondering, ‘what do I need to do to prepare my boat for winter?’. We’ve put together an easy guide to boat winterisation, as well as some of our top tips to help you stay on top of boat maintenance over the next few months.

Boat Winterisation Tick List

You can divide your boat winterisation tick list into 3 main areas - what to do when your boat is still on the water, what to do when your boat is out of the water, and regular checks you should carry out on your boat while it is out of the water.


Although this is not an exhaustive list, here are some of the main things to remember. 


Have a chat with your boatyard for their advice on covering everything. If you’re looking for specific services, for example if you need help with boat cleaning or general boat maintenance, our location-based search facility will show you all the options in your area.



On the water

- Fill diesel tanks

- Pump out bilge

- Check your cradle, trailer or legs are ready for haul out


Out the water

- Pressure wash hull to remove algae and barnacles

- Drain water tanks

- Empty & clean fridge, leaving the door open

- Remove anything that could rust, or be damaged by moisture

- Remove and clean fenders

- Remove, check and store batteries

- Remove and check sails - arrange for any repairs

- Put winter covers on


Regular checks

- Check your covers after bad weather to ensure all properly secured

- If you’re using dehumidifier, check electricity supply


Want a more detailed list? Our friends at Mylor Yacht Harbour in Cornwall have a great Winter Lay-Up Checklist on their website.

How can I prevent issues on my boat over winter?

Taking all the necessary steps to prevent issues at the beginning of the winter will save you time and money in the long run.


Winter weather conditions can take their toll on our beloved boats, as the cold and damp can creep into any unprotected areas causing rusting, corrosion and internal damage. 


One top tip is to consider hiring heaters or dehumidifiers to help protect your boat against moisture. Many boat storage yards can help you with this - use our search to find one near you.


Some precautions will help protect your vessel against problems next season and beyond. As with all boat maintenance and boat repair work, there may be some areas you’re happy to take on, and others you’ll want to get a professional to take care of. 


If you’re looking for boat services, in London, the Solent, Devon, Cornwall, or anywhere else in the UK, the Boat Central approach is always to give you all the information you need to obtain quotes and make an informed choice.


For example, applying antifoul to your boat when it is out of the water over winter will help protect against buildup next season, so it is an important but admittedly messy task.


Perhaps you’re ready to get stuck in and buy antifoul paint to do it yourself, or like many other sailors, you may prefer to book antifouling work at a local boatyard. 


You’ll find lots of options for antifouling, and all other boat maintenance services in your area, when you use our direct search, or request a quote for tailored results.


Keep your boat safe & secure

Once you’ve worked through your tick list and your boat winterisation is underway, you’ll need to think about where to actually keep your boat over winter. 


Even if you’ve got a long standing relationship with a local marina, it’s always worth checking up on boat storage in your area and getting new quotes each year. This will help you look after your bank balance, and give you confidence that you’re choosing the safest, most secure boat storage solution.


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