Top Tips on Saving Money with Boat Fuel


To help you reduce the fuel consumption of your boat, and more importantly protect your wallet and the environment, Blue Lagoon Marine based in Poole, have produced a handy guide with some great suggestions. Listed below are some top tips which highlight some of the simple things you can do to get the most out of your fuel.


Find the most economical cruising speed

Any given combination of boat, propeller and speed will have a different consumption rate. When you find that perfect speed and operate around it, you'll know you're getting the most out of your fuel. Almost invariably, that will mean slowing down, but it's a small price to pay for lower fuel consumption.

Unload the boat

There's no sense hauling around equipment you don't use, with the obvious exception of safety equipment. Every bit of weight you can remove will help with your fuel consumption. Tenders are often headlined as repeat offenders for weighing a boat down or causing drag, but you can also reduce the weight by cleaning out lockers or storage areas and removing unnecessary items.

Check the propeller

Did you know that a damaged or misaligned propeller can cause a large increase in the amount of fuel your boat uses...? By having your props checked with specialist equipment you can identify whether they're doing their best for you and your pocket. It's always a good idea when you boat comes out the water to check the props for damage.



Keep the engine in tune

This is really a no brainer as a well-tuned engine will burn less fuel. This has a dual benefit besides fuel consumption as smoother engine operation equals a longer engine life. 

Empty the water tank

Many boaters rarely use the on-board water supply unless they're planning a longer voyage or are overnighting in a marina. A single litre of water weighs 1 kilogram, so why drag it around with you if you aren't going to use it..?

Check the trim tabs

It's always a good idea to check to see if the trim tabs are in proper working order. Those tabs are going to prevent ploughing and decrease your boats drag. These factors will let you slice through the water at a lower RPM. Not only will it lower how much boat fuel is consumed, it will also help the boat to move smoother and quieter through the water.

Get up on the plane quickly

Most planning hulls operate more efficiently when they're on the plane, doing what they were designed to do. Trim tabs can help you get there quicker and with planning hulls designed to reduce drag, you're letting them do their job..!



Make Plans

A well-planned day out on the water means you take into consideration the tides, the wind and even the currents. Any resistance these conditions produce simply means your engine will have to work harder to combat them. By paying attention to these things, you can plan your trip around them so that you avoid the more challenging conditions and can even let the sea state and weather work in your favour. 

Clean the hull

When the bottom of your boat is dirty and covered in aquatic debris and build-up, it can slow you down quite a bit. It take longer to get up to speed and the engine has to work harder to keep you there. By cleaning off all that gunk, you're reducing the amount of drag and consequently improving your fuel performance.

Add a fuel flow meter

A fuel flow meter will help you determine which speeds are more economical. Modern boats often have these fitted but it's always worth keeping a mental note of your averages. We suggest after an engine service and antifoul, you identify what the optimum fuel performance of you boat is at various speeds. It this alters in future, it will help you identify potential problems, the need for a tune up, or that's it's time to clean the hull.


This article was kindly prepared by Blue Lagoon Marine


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