Perhaps you’ve made use of your spares this year and need to replenish supplies, or maybe you’re putting together your spares kit for the first time… whatever the case, our top ten list of boat spare parts will mean you’re covered for almost any eventuality.


1) Engine Oil/ Transmission Fluid

The first on our list is easily forgotten, but will help to prevent you being stranded if your engine unexpectedly consumes its lubricant or starts to leak.

2) Fuel filters

Small but super useful, if your fuel filter should get clogged with debris or water then being able to change it immediately will help to protect your engine and keep it running soundly.


3) Hose clamps


Have a few different sizes to hand to help secure a worn hose or pipe until you can get back to shore and repair it properly.


4) Length of hose


While we’re talking hoses, a length of hose will almost always come in handy. Store away a couple of meters of rubber hose just in case you ever need a makeshift hydraulic or fuel line, or even if you need a tie-down in an emergency.


5) Fuses


Never overlook spare fuses. Have a few different types for each circuit onboard, especially the main ones if your outboard needs them. Fuses can often blow and make the electrics they were protecting useless, so you won’t regret having these to hand.



6) Batteries


Don’t get stranded - a spare (charged!) battery is essential to have onboard, plus you’ll enjoy the peace of mind that comes with knowing you’ve got a way to get home.



7) Impellers


Water pump impellers can easily be destroyed if an engine overheats. Make sure you have enough for every water pump onboard, plus some spares for your spare - you won’t regret it! Once you know how to replace them you’ll also save yourself the cost of a trip for repairs.



8) Cable ties


They might not be the first thing that comes to mind when you think of boating spares, but they’re super handy to have around, and are really small so barely take up any space.


9) Spark plugs


If your spark plug gets cracked, broken or dirty, that’s it for your motor. Make sure you’ve got plenty of spare spark plugs on board in case of emergency.


10) Light bulbs


Even if you aren’t planning on any night time trips, as all good sailors know, we plan for all eventualities. As a priority, make sure you have spare navigation bulbs, and check the spares occasionally to make sure they’re working properly, as they can be quite fragile.



So there you have it, our top ten spares to have onboard for your next sailing season. If you’re stocking up in your home harbour, or need to replenish your supplies somewhere new, our easy search facility will point you in the direction of your nearest suppliers.