If you've ever sailed or been on the water at night, no doubt you've seen navigation lights.

Designed to avoid collisions, this system helps other water users to know the angle of other vessels, and what type of vessel they are, in order to prevent accidents from coming too close or crashing.

How well do you know your navigation lights? In our new series we're going to take you through some basic navigation light scenarios to help grow and test your knowledege.

Feel free to pass this on to your sailing friends to see how they get on, or to beginners looking to learn more!

Take a look at the navigation lights below and see if you can answer these questions:

1) What type of vessel is this?

2) Is it making way?

3) What length is the vessel?

4) What direction is it viewed from?

(answers below)


1) This is a fishing vessel - not trawling.

2) It is underway.

3) The length is unknown.

4) It is viewed from ahead.

How did you get on? We'll have more navigation lights to test your knowledge coming soon!

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