Winter is the perfect time to do all those little boat maintenance jobs we just don’t get time to do when we’re enjoying being out on the water in the summer.


One of those tasks is cleaning up fenders that have got dirty after months of use.


Many people put off this job, worrying that it might be hard or mucky, but we’ve got an easy, straightforward way to clean your fenders in three easy steps.


We’ve written all the instructions below, including the four things you’ll need and the three steps to follow, or you can scroll down and watch our fender-cleaning video.


Ready to get lovely clean, shiny fenders for your next sailing season? Let’s get started.


You will need...


1) Mr Siga Melamine Sponge

2) GT85 lubricant

3) Washing up liquid

4) A dishcloth


And of course, your dirty fender(s)!


We also recommend you do this in a well-ventilated area, or ideally outside, and pop down something to protect any surfaces you don’t want to damage.



Step 1


Apply a couple of sprays of the lubricant to the fender.



Step 2


Get to work scrubbing the fender with the sponge.


You’ll need this type of sponge as it has the right amount of abrasion.


Work on a small area at a time. You should start to see the original colour restored as you work.


As you move to each new area, add more spray to the fender as required.



Step 3


Once the sponge/lubricant has removed the dirt from the fender, it’s time to remove any remaining lubricant residue from the fender.


Apply a little neat washing up liquid to the dishcloth and rub all over the fender for the final touch.





Time to stand back and admire your handiwork. 


Your fenders are now clean and ready for the new season, great work!