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See useful answers to frequently asked questions below. If you still have any questions, please don't hesitate to send us a message through our contact form.

How often will you contact me if I would like to know about exclusive discounts, offers or promotions?

We don’t want to flood your inbox, but we do want you to know about exclusive offers available through Boat Central. For that reason, we provide you with a link via email that constantly updates and shows you the latest offers and discounts. This allows you to view these at your leisure. Every now and again, we’ll touch base to check you still want to know about promotions available through Boat Central.

How and why did you set up Boat Central?

We conducted focus groups with Boat Owners and worked closely with people within the industry to discuss their frustrations. This confirmed our own beliefs from years of boating and established where improvements could be made. Basically, listening and talking with people helped us to create the solution.

How many listings do you have?

We launched with over 17,500 listings in more than 65 different categories and the team are adding to this every day. If you know of anyone you feel should be listed, we love to hear from you.

If I request a quote, who will it go to?

We contact businesses, trades or services who have featured or premium listings within your selected search category and location. We always recommend you include as much detail as possible with your request to ensure the right people get in touch.

How accurate are the listings on Boat Central?

A key finding of our customer research was that information on some websites can be incorrect. That’s why we regularly check and invite our listings to update their details. We also allow listings to link with their Google Business Account, so information remains accurate. No one’s perfect though so if you do see something that’s not quite right, we’d be really grateful if you would drop us a line.

How does the location search work?

Your search results appear in order of who is closest to the location you entered. We allow a healthy radius as we understand some companies have mobile services. Premium Listings appear at the top of search results in your area.

Will Boat Central always be FREE for Boat Owners to use?

Yes. As Boat Owners we understand boating can be expensive, so we’ll never add to the cost.

Do “Online Only” businesses appear in all the search results?

No. Online Businesses appear within the standard search distance of their physical location in the UK. We do however provide Online Businesses the opportunity to increase this reach on a County or National level with other advertising options.

What is Route Assist?

Route Assist helps you to see what’s along the way wherever you travel. You can locate marinas, fuel points, and even find chandlers to replace anything you’ve lost or broken on your journey. Most boaters already have the equipment or knowledge to plot a voyage, we’re simply showing you where the essentials are along the way.

What should I do if I can’t find what I’m looking for?

Please let us know. Boat Central is all about enhancing a boating lifestyle so if you couldn’t find what you were looking for, our team will work hard to ensure you can on your next visit.

How did you decide on the search categories?

Our focus group of Boat Owners told us what they would look for and how they would search. Categories were then created to be simple and the results are listed in a format which is easy for you to scroll through until you find what you need.

You cover Coastal, Canals and Waterways so how do I know that the search results will be suitable for my type of boat?

To ensure you get relevant results we created categories which apply to different styles of boating. We also base our search results on distance and location which organically presents suitable results and listings.

Still Have a Question?

Boat Central was created by Boat Owners for people who love their boats. We want you to think of Boat Central as a website designed especially for you. If you have any ideas on how we could make your life that bit easier on the water, it would be great to hear them!

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